Sunday, December 25, 2011

I Challenge You

-Jason Arasheben
CEO Jason of Beverly Hills
I challenge you!
From the time I was a snotty nosed 8-year old, I always looked for challenges to inspire me; nothing has changed since. It's a great challenge that gets me up each morning when I know I’d rather slam the snooze button another 73 times!

Thousands of pieces of diamond jewelry go in and out of my factory each year. The ordinary requests of tennis bracelets and diamond stud earrings are great, but nearly every mom and pop jewelry store could make it with one finger up their nose and one eye closed. I need a challenge! Clients come and go, but once every blue moon a client peeks my interest and commissions me to do something creative, something out of the box, in other words… A CHALLENGE!!! 
This week’s challenge: an Egyptian tomb pendant adorned with black, cognac and white diamonds with a removable white diamond mummy that can be worn as a separate piece. Challenge accepted. 

Who's next? -JA

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