Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Passing Trends

David Beckham early 2000

-Jason Arasheben
CEO of Jason of Beverly Hills 
When it comes to today's growing trends, there’s one adage that always holds true; The quicker the rise the harder the fall! This is most evident with fashion trends. From bell bottoms, to "Cross Color Jeans", to throwback jerseys; all fashion trends that witness meteoric rise quickly, suffer for it and become laughable just a few years later. 
And guess what? Jewelry is no exception!
The days of over the top diamond chains and crosses worn by men back in 2002 (trust me I wasn’t complaining about it...) have been replaced with more subtle pieces, like the diamond lapel pins.

Matthew McConaughey wearing JBH lapel pin from the Gentleman Collection
The moment Jay-Z uttered the words “All Black Everything”, we saw a drop in the in-your-face, multi colored jewel sets that resembled a bag of Skittles and witnessed a wave of black diamond or monochromatic sets. 
Diddy wearing black diamond set from Jason of Beverly Hills
As I write this article, we are in the midst of the diamond bead trend. Everywhere I turn, someone is requesting diamond bead bracelets. How long will it last? Who knows, but I do know I’m going to love creating new pieces that set and inspire tomorrow's next trend! -JA

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