Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dunce Cap Awards: Foiled Robbery Attempt

Once upon a time, fearsome pirates would take to the sea and capture booty by force with swords and canons. Unsuspecting seamen didn't stand a chance.
Fast forward to today, these geniuses are trying to rob jewelry stores with a brick and a prayer.
Unfortunately some guy in Hollywood failed to realize that today's jewelers are packing heat to protect their booty.
See how this masked marauder managed to grab a handful of jewels and catch a bullet all in one day.

In a nut shell, alleged robber, Spencer Allen Condon woke up yesterday morning and decided that robbing a jewelry store was the thing to do. He walked into a local jeweler's showroom armed with nothing but a brick, smashed open a display case and attempted to walk out of the store with a handful of jewels. 
Much to his surprise, an employee of the store who heard the commotion outside, produced a hand gun and unloaded it into his leg.
Mr Condon only made it a few feet outside the door before collapsing while patrons looked on shaking their heads. He was rushed to the hospital to get patched up and then off to jail.
No one else was hurt. 

Sigh. I know this guy was at the head of his class. ~vK

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