Wednesday, February 23, 2011

G-STRINGS Launch Party @ The Cosmopolitan Hotel

The Marquee Nightclub inside The Cosmopolitan Hotel felt that their V.ery I.mportant P.eople deserved more than just the typical plastic wristbands to make them feel exclusive. 
For their grand opening party, they turned the velvet rope game up a notch with special wristbands made from recycled guitar strings. 
Soon after, the Jason of Beverly Hills/ Vegas Boutique made them a fashion statement.

On March the 2nd, JBH will be launching a limited edition collection of diamond embelished Guitar String Jewelry at STITCHED, a menswear and "lifestyle destination" also found at The Cosmopolitan. This invite only event will be an evening of music, endless Ty Ku and a room full of people in "G-Strings"...
I wonder which G-string I will wear for the festivities? ~vK


  1. Hi Jason
    It was so great meeting you in Vegas. Love love my "G String" I get numerous compliments. Can't wait to design a custom piece with you! Your amazing!

    Cristana Rocamora-Suder

  2. Jason,
    I wanted to let you know that the "G-String" traveled....I gifted it to Steven Tyler backstage at American Idol...Let's hook up for more G love!!!

    Cristana Rocamora-Suder