Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oscar Gold

Any person who can proudly display an Academy Award of Merit on their mantle would say that it is priceless. In truth, I'd say that the Oscar statuette only costs around 500 to 600 dollars to manufacture, seeing as how it only consists of random metals, specifically alloy, copper and nickel and is merely plated in 24 karat gold.
That's still not too shabby, but if the Academy were to actually hand out Oscars made of pure, solid gold, they would each need their own personal security guard.
See how much the golden boy would cost if he were made completely out of gold at today's ever rising price value, inside.

An Oscar weighs in at approximately 136 ounces (8 1/2 pounds) and gold these days is going to cost you around $1415.20 per ounce. That's a whopping $192,467.20 per statuette. The Best Director recipient could very well sell his Oscar and use the money to start working on the sequel.
What's really interesting is that it would have cost a little under 50 grand less just last year. Can we say, "invest"?

Here's a quick video from R. S. Owens, the company who manufactures the Academy Award of Merit, which shows how the statuettes are made.

Be sure to check out the Academy Awards this Sunday, February 27th. 
I've got my fingers crossed for Natalie Portman as Best Actress in "Black Swan". Best Picture, hands down, "The Fighter". ~vK

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