Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lena Horne Jewels and More Up For Auction

A year ago this spring, Miss Lena Horne, one of Hollywood's most precious gems, ascended to the sky amongst the stars...
The memory of this mind numbingly gorgeous and statuesque beauty that graced the silver screen, her cooler-than-satin-sheets voice and her influence on African American culture is enough to make a person squeal. But as of 2pm yesterday, it was announced that Miss Horne left behind a treasure of personal items that are now available to her fans, via Doyle New York.
The affluent auction house and appraiser has put a collection of authentic Lena Horne belongs up for auction and *gasp!*...there will be jewels. 
The New York Daily News reports that among the items include dresses, baubles and bags from Chanel, a trunk from Louis Vuitton (inscribed to the singer), couture hats, mink coats and endless bracelets, brooches and earrings. For the arts lovers, Horne who also was a collector, left behind numerous bronzes, sculptures and paintings, as well as a Picasso linocut. What I wouldn't do...
You can find more information on the auction HERE. Please treat yourself.

I have to close with one of my favorite numbers by Lena Horne. 
She's just...



  1. She was so beautiful. RIP

  2. Yes...truly.
    I get CHILLS every time her dress sleeve slides off when she purrrrs a very seductive "I'll do ANYTHING".
    Classic Lena.