Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Goldeneye: SOLD

The 43 carat, internally flawless Golden Eye diamond has been SOLD!
We previously posted the story of this extremely rare gem and how it found its way on the auction block after being seized by the Feds in a money laundering sting.
Following an online auction on Bids4Assets, the giant yellow diamond fetched an impressive 2.84 million from Ohio home builder Jerre Hentosh and his wife. It was originally expected to bring in upwards of 20 million dollars which is the diamonds estimated value.

The couple, who occasionally dabble in buying and selling of fine jewelry, say that they have never purchased anything online of this magnitude in the past but saw it as an opportunity. Hentosh, a self-proclaimed "little guy" says that he is still in shock at his win after placing 9 of the 16 bids on the diamond.
“We haven’t decided what we’re going to do with it yet; it’s a speculative purchase,” said the 63-year-old Hentosh.
“I’m hoping someone calls me up and throws me out a nice number,” he says. “I already heard from a museum. This stone is so rare."
While I'm sure the calls are already coming in droves, the couple have a backup plan in the event they decide to keep the diamond.
“My 45th anniversary is tomorrow,” he says. “My wife is thinking what a nice present that would be.”

Best anniversary present EVER.com ~vK

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