Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jason of Beverly Hills x David Thomas: The Gentleman Collection Unveiling

Jason Arasheben and David Thomas
Jason Arasheben (Jason of Beverly Hills) announces his much-anticipatecollaboration with famefashion stylisanBritish Esquire Contributing Editor DaviThomas to create the Gentleman Collection”, a unique collection of formal wear accessories for the stylisman.
David Thomasexperience and taste for unassuming luxury fiperfectly with whawe wanted to create,” saiJason Arasheben, Jason of Beverly Hillsfounder. Thomas, who was drawn to Arashebens very unique sense of style, says Gentlemanwill be classic, subtle, but definitely cool.”

David Thomas Lady Victoria Hervey
DaviThomas is a world-renowned, well respectefashion styliswith over twenty-three years of experience in the fashion world. Mr. Thomas is considereone of the original pioneers of the celebrity stylist.
The premier piece from Gentlemanis the Diamond Lapel Accent, offerein white and black diamonds, the piece slips into the lapel hole on a modern blazer, suitor tux jackeanadds subtle sparkle anstyle.

Football players Ashley Cole and Carlton Cole

The collection is available througspecial order anathe Jason of Beverly Hills boutique within the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.


  1. Jason is an amazing dresser! Wow every time I see him he has on an amazing outfit! High Fashion! Breathtaking!!

  2. Jason....stop talking about yourself in 3rd person.
    LMAO ~vK