Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Press: Joe Johnson for ESPN Magazine

How do you keep a 6'7 ball player fresh to death? Build him a state-of-the-art, 20 foot closet with all of his favorite gear.
In this months issue of ESPN Magazine, Atlanta Hawk guard Joe Johnson, talks fashion for the ridiculously tall, his must-have Jason of Beverly Hills pieces, and his tech savvy, walking shoe closet that would make Carrie Bradshaw envious. 

Excerpts from the Sept 19th issue of ESPN Magazine:

"Every guy needs a nice watch. It's an essential. This one is from Jason of Beverly Hills. It's just a regular old watch, but it looks sharp. I love watches. I have more than 20 -- some blingy, some plain and some cheap. I like to change it up."

Custom Yellow DIamond Dunamis Timepiece by Jason of Beverly Hills for Joe Johnson

"When I was 20, I lived in sweatpants and T-shirts. I never wore nice suits or fancy clothes. If David Stern had enforced a dress code my first few years, I would've been in trouble. I still like my style to be low-key and laid-back. One thing I like to do is wear vests with my jackets."

"I wanted to display all of my shoes, so I had this 500-square-foot closet made. I just thought this would be a cool idea, and it would almost look like a museum. I had a fingerprint sensor put on the door to make sure I'm the only one who can get in here... "I have 436 pairs of sneakers in here, and they're mostly unworn. I'll wear all of them eventually."

I just need one pair of J's...maybe two ~vK

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