Wednesday, September 21, 2011

World's (Not So) Cheapest Car: The GoldPlus Nano

They say that you can't polish a... (ehem) but you can in fact turn the world's most inexpensive vehicle into a multi-million dollar spectacle. 
Indian automaker, Tata recently unveiled The GoldPlus Nano, a shamelessly ornate version of the once popular micro-car, worth 4.6 million dollars. Unlike the original Nano, which goes for around 3000 bucks, the blinged out version sports 194 pounds of hand-crafted 22-karat gold, 33 pounds of silver and 10,000 precious and semi-precious stones. 
Not sure if it comes with additional cup holders.

In an attempt to boost lagging sales of the Nano, the car's manufactures are taking this golden goose on a six month press tour around India. Starting in Mumbai, the car will be showcased in surrounding cities that are home to Tata factories.
Back in 2008, when the Nano made its debut, there was a reported 100,000 waiting list for the vehicle, similar to the popularity of the release of the SMART Car. In contrast, as of August 2011, sales have dropped to around 1200.

I can't imagine the type of engine you would need to drive a car weighed down with so much gold.
More importantly, for the price of this peacock embellished chariot, one could instead opt for a fleet of gold (painted) Bugattis ~vK

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