Monday, September 26, 2011

Lady Gaga's Diamond Teeth Implants

Mother Monster, Lady Gaga will have her fans chanting "Show Me Your Teeth" after news of the pop star's recent request for diamond dental implants.
Although I had to scratch my temple on this one (per usual), I don't believe that her latest look will draw any comparisons to Lil Wayne and his famous iced-out grill. Nonetheless, Gaga has reportedly put in an order for marquis diamonds to be implanted in her teeth for the upcoming Thierry Mugler fashion show this month in Paris.

"She's still deciding how many to get done. Her dental bill will be as expensive as her jewellery bill," a source told the British newspaper. 
Her Dutch designer Otazu also let her dental plans slip.
"She'll be fitted with marquise diamonds," he said.

This will be interesting.

In other, more somber news, Gaga gave a very moving performance at the iHeartRadio concert this weekend honoring 14 year old Jamey Rodemeyer, the young man who sadly took his own life after suffering relentless bullying at school.
Check the video below.

"Paws up" for the little monster. ~vK


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