Monday, November 28, 2011

24K Gold Skincare

This is obviously not the latest installment of the Iron Man franchise, or some luxurious new line of accessories (or is it?).
The masked model is actually wearing a 24 karat gold facial mold by skincare professionals, KollagenX. This sample is from the company's line of beauty products that promise instant results with its "luxuriously enhanced" technology. The product was reportedly inspired by the beauty regimen of Cleopatra who was thought to have slept with a golden mask to preserve her youth.
But is everything that glitters good for the skin?

KollagenX™ is a California based cosmetic company that's main focus is Nano Gold Technology, also known as NGT™.
A lengthy search for a smart alternative to costly and painful cosmetic surgery turned up with no reliable options. Realizing there was a desperate need for a safe, cost effective solution to cosmetic surgery, our colleague and ourselves decided to develop state-of-the-art techniques for providing Nano Gold Technologies (NGT™) to consumers.

With our 24KT Gold Collagen Mask you will enjoy a luxurious feeling of relaxation. Our NGT® based gold mask is proven and tested to moisturize and hydrate the skin at a professional level. It rebuilds collagen giving your skin a more firm and taut feeling. Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles with every use. You will look and feel years younger and your skin will glow with a subtle shimmer.
With gold prices currently shooting through the roof, one would think that this 24k gold facial would fetch for a pretty penny. Not so; the product sells for only around 125 dollars in the States. If you're looking for a bargain (which I doubt if you're in the market for a golden facelift) you can find a few bottles on Amazon for around 70 bucks.

Golden facials anyone? ~vK

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