Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sightings: Nick Cannon in Men's Health Magazine

If any of you have been wondering what was going on underneath those suits  proud papa Nick Cannon has been up to these days, he recently sat down with Men's Health Magazine to discuss fatherhood, his stellar resume, and keeping one's mojo after marriage. 
And after careful inspection of the photo spread, we spotted an "N-credible" custom necklace made exclusively for Nick by Jason of Beverly Hills
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While inspecting Nick's... necklace, make sure to check out excerpts from his article inside.
Men’s Health: You’re about 6 months into your new gig as a first-time dad. Can anything truly prepare guys for that role?
Nick Cannon: You know what? You talk to your parents. That’s probably what I did the most. It gives me even greater respect for my parents, just because I never thought about what they were going through when I was a youngster. I feel like everyone who raised me did a great job, so why not get the best advice for them?

MH: A lot of men say they lose some of their mojo after settling down and starting a family.

NC: Oh man, I think it’s the exact opposite. Obviously my wife has made me such a better person. She’s made me more attentive. She’s made me more detail-oriented. She’s made me more caring and loving. And from that, I’ve become sexier. I’ve noticed that I get a lot more attention now. After all, they always say that married men are more attractive than single men.

MH: But how does someone who feels that way—like they’ve lost the very essence of what makes them a man—regain his mojo while still honoring the commitments he has made?
NC: Change your outlook. What was important to you as a single man should no longer be important, and if you’re trying to hold on to your single-man values, then you’re definitely going to be down in the dumps and depressed. To me, it’s easy being a single dude. But to be able to be a leader and the head of a household, that’s a true accomplishment right there. You can’t worry about what the grass looks like on the other side of the fence, especially when you’ve been in that grass before, and you know what it has to offer.
MH: You’ve been doing standup comedy since you were a kid. How did you learn to be such an open, honest, person on stage in front of crowds full of strangers?
NC: I think my father kind of encouraged me at an early age. He thought I was really funny, but I never was afraid to say what was on my mind. You hit it right on the head—it’s all about honesty. If you’re not afraid to be honest, you can be the funniest person in the world. People think that as a celebrity, you have to have this sort of mystique about you, but I’m probably the realest person you’ll ever meet.
MH: What’s the realest thing you talk about in your new standup special, “Mr. Showbiz?”
NC: Probably how I deal with people calling me “Mr. Mariah.”
MH: Okay, Mr. Mariah. How do you deal with it?
NC: I embrace it! There are a lot worse things I can be called, and I love the fact that people refer to me as that. You want to call me a boy toy? Damnit, I’ll be the best boy toy I can possibly be. I’ll be the boy toy with the kung-fu grip. 
SOURCE: Men's Health Magazine

If you haven't already, run to your nearest magazine stand and pick up this month's issue of Men's Health Magazine for the full article.

So Nick, about that "kung-fu grip"... ~vK