Thursday, November 3, 2011

Diamonds Are... Perfume Edition

Diamonds Are...
...a Girls Best Friend

Check out some of these luxurious fragrances inspired by diamonds.
Can you resist?

Emporio Armani "Diamonds"
One of my all time favorite fragrances. The scent is so deliciously lux...

"White Diamonds" by Elizabeth Taylor
Who could forget, "These have always brought me luck..."

"Yellow Diamond" by Versace
"Pure as sunlight, an extraordinary bright hue that radiates with a fiery intensity, sparkling the way that only a diamond can. "

 "Pink Diamond" by Chopard
"Muse of this fragrance is a pink diamond, soft and mysterious, luxurious and rare." 

Agent Provocateur Eau de Purfum: "The Double D Addition" 
Double D as in "Diamond Dust" fellas...I'm sure the scent is a sexy as this ad.

 Hello Kitty "Diamond" Purfume
"A floral composition with top notes of freesia, bergamot, grapefruit and margarita." Cute!

 "Diamond Princess" by Trina
I wasn't aware that Trina had her own fragrance. 
I'll bet it's "Baddest B----" approved.

 "Rare Diamond" by Avon
Comes with a free gift! A diamond bracelet...15 dollar value. That's pretty rare.

"Black Carat Homme" by Emporio Armani
Diamonds can be a boys best friend too... "Citrus-bergamot being mixed with Szechuan pepper, Cocoa beans and a small amount of Vetiver topped off with notes of Gaiac Wood and Cedar". 

Sounds yummy ~vK

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